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Concrete: Properties and Manufacture

295 pages


Concrete: Properties and Manufacture describes the properties of concrete, including its manufacture and use in civil engineering construction.
The book first discusses the properties of plastic or wet and hardened concrete. The text also describes different concrete materials, including cement, Portland cement, slag and high alumina cements, and aggregates.
The selection also looks at the mix design of concrete. Mix proportioning based on strength and workability; mix design for high alumina cement; combination of single-sized aggregates; and nominal mixes are discussed. The text also examines the manufacture of concrete. Handling and batching of materials, mixing and placing, compaction of concrete, and winter concreting are underscored.
The book also focuses on the resistance of concrete to deterioration. Resistance of concrete to freezing, sewage, sulfate attack, chemicals, fire, erosion, and abrasion are discussed. The text also offers information on surface treatment of concrete and special concrete.
The selection is a valuable source of information for readers, students, and graduate and site engineers.

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