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Progress in Reaction Kinetics: Volume 9.1-4

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Progress in Reaction Kinetics, Volume 9 summarizes recent advances that have been made with regards to reaction kinetics. Kinetic applications of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy are described, and tunneling reactions of solvated electrons in liquids and glasses are discussed. The reactions of free radicals generated by organic compounds are also considered.
This volume consists of three chapters and begins with a discussion of basic NMR theory, including the NMR phenomenon and nuclear spin relaxation processes. Special attention is paid to the dynamic characteristics of chemical exchange reactions which occur in a system at equilibrium, along with techniques for determining chemical exchange parameters from time domain spectra and time dependent frequency domain spectra. The reader is then introduced to tunneling reactions of solvated electrons in liquids and glasses, with emphasis on the mode of transport by which the electron induces such a reaction. A model of diffusion-controlled reactions incorporating a tunneling reaction mechanism is described. A chapter analyzing the use of radiation to produce reactions of free radicals from organic compounds in aqueous solution, including hydrocarbons and carbonyl compounds, concludes the book.
This book will be of interest to scientists, students, and researchers working in the fields of chemistry and the molecular sciences.

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