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Educreation and Feedback: Education for Creation, Growth and Change

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Educreation and Feedback: Education for Creation, Growth and Change, Second Edition explains the pattern of actions based on self-regulation, co-operation, and the therapeutic attitude. Educreation means directed learning toward creation, growth, flexibility, adaptation, and development.

This book discusses the concept of education that is required and needed, explaining the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the problems of education. The quantitative aspects include population growth and education selection, while the qualitative aspects address the need for practicable set of directions and the plight of professional education. This book also indicates the fresh pattern in the context of educational theories. One chapter outlines an integrated pattern approach, defining relationship as determining the nature of existence. This book then shows the general implications for education using the concept of educreation. The relevant chapter gives 15 criteria by which to judge if the innovations made in education represent real progress. This book also confers implementation in the field of architectural education by addressing the kind of ideas that will emerge from new patterns of thinking in architectural education. Chapter V of the book discusses feedbacks, such as problem solving in a counseling group; educreation — the change to a community school from a state school; and the adaptation of educreation to teaching history in advanced education.

School administrators, academicians, educators, government officials in the education sector, and students of developmental studies will gain a new perspective from reading this book.

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