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The Haute Fellowship

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A quasi-intellectual journal of a fictitious College where students are prepared to administrate the world's financial institutions and government agencies by way of a 'secret society' referred to as Avalon. It is written as a play with characters and scenes introduced with introductory sections. The style is a surreal black comedy with satirical undertones.
The story begins with the graduation ceremony of the final year, then changes to two boys playing on a beach where they discover the stricken body of an octopus left to die. A subversive text is handed around to some students which warns of the decline of capitalism. The story lurches forward with snap-shots of various students attending lectures and virtual field trips.
One student in conjunction with a blogger infiltrate the Apartment block owned by the highest echelon of financial leaders to search for the portal (known as the Pond) into how the world's financial institutions hide and subvert government regulation. Along the way the reader is treated to a rare glimpse of one of the world's richest people's lifestyle.
The play ends with the description of how the founder of Haute College descended into despair after learning how the original tenets of the College were being subverted for unethical purposes.

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