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An unshaven, evasive and chastened man in the small old mill city of Norton is recognized as he tries to hide from his past. The man, Jack Webster, is revealed as once having been the fabulously popular host of a nightly televised lottery drawing show, as well as the most renown sports anchor in the city of Boston and the envy of all who knew him. Looking into the past, we see Jack top of the world, but there are dark tidings as Jacks seemingly perfect life is not quite as wonderful as it appears. Thirty-three years old and submerged in the partying lifestyle of a local celebrity, Jack hatches a scheme to fix the very lottery drawing he hosts on television every night. Back in todays world, Jacksolely in order to get close to a young womancynically joins Earthpeace, a group of environmental activists opposing an airport expansion guided by the long-sitting Senator Shea to the doorstep of the powerless working-class city of Norton. Entirely insincere in all he does and on the cusp of regaining all hed lost, Jack finds himself at an unexpected crossroad. Triple Six Fix is the dramatic tellingwith foreshadow and flashbackof the rise, fall and ultimate fate of Jack Webster, a beloved local celebrity who crashes from great heights and who schemes again to regain what hed lost.
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ISBN: 9781450229913
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