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Stephen Fleischman doesn’t know how to pull a punch as demonstrated by his hard hitting “Sharp Jabs to the Head,” his essays about the Bush Administration. Now, with his new collection of essays and stories, “Weapons of Words,” he really hits the target about where America is at present. And how we got here. And where we should go from here.You won’t find any timidity in these pages. No cover ups. No excuses. But you will find some radical ideas and a radical perspective. Something fresh . Something apart from the reactionary ranting that has become the staple of talk radio and the right-wing television channels. Something with hope for a different direction.We all know that America is in trouble today. Serious trouble. Socially. Financially. Politically. And morally. Turning a blind eye to all these problems may be easier than facing them, leaving them for the next generation to deal with. But that option is long gone.Steve Fleischman has the courage to face this reality with hard facts and hard suggestions. And he never lets this grim situation wear him down.Take a look.
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