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Wyvern: Book 1: The Coin

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Wyvern: Book 1: The Coin

Length: 605 pages9 hours


Meet Quinn.

Quinn is twelve-year-old boy much like the other twelve-year-old boys he knows - except that he was born in the body of a girl.

Home on Earth, Quinn happens upon a coin in the dirt, and is transported from his own world to Aldia, a strange world where humans live alongside wonderful creatures called wyverns. In Quinn's quest to return home, he discovers that the wyverns are victims of a centuries old curse. Despite having wings, the wyverns cannot fly.

He learns that the coin that transported him to Aldia may be the key to breaking the wyverns' curse. Eager to be of help, Quinn postpones his search for a way home to join the wyverns in their effort to return to the skies. However, to succeed, Quinn must accept, without doubts, who he really is.

Can he do it?
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