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Perfect Mate: Mated to the Beast: Perfect Mate, #1

Perfect Mate: Mated to the Beast: Perfect Mate, #1

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Perfect Mate: Mated to the Beast: Perfect Mate, #1

4/5 (8 ratings)
89 pages
1 hour
Oct 14, 2016


Corey has never had much luck with relationships, but it still comes as a surprise that his boyfriend would cheat on him after they'd been living together  for over a year.

Like karma is trying to punish him, he meets at work a man he'd known and sort of dated back in college, until he cheated on him.

Oct 14, 2016

About the author

A confessed tv-holic, Max didn’t truly pick up reading until she was forced to attend boarding school and discovered reading was a much better substitute. She’s been hooked ever since. She read every book she could get her hands on and then some when she stumbled upon yaoi. Only, most of the books she read didn’t go the way she wanted them to, and an author was born. She’s been writing almost as long as she’s been reading and loves criticism in all forms to build her ability as an author.

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Book Preview

Perfect Mate - Max C. Payne



Corey sat at his desk, staring at his computer screen, sure he was supposed to be doing something, but couldn't seem to remember what exactly. He had a thing for getting work done on time and his mind tried to warn him, only he couldn't move. He had been in a haze all morning and didn't want to lose it. Even work couldn't occupy him this time and no other distractions were forthcoming.

Sure, the situation at home with Sean had been spiraling for a while, but they had been together two years and the outcome was a shock.

He had no illusions of a perfect relationship, he thought himself a realist and tried not to brush off anything, even the little things, as inconsequential. But they were good enough together he tried to stick it out. In all honesty, things had become stained after their one year anniversary; they fought more often and Sean didn't come home till late most nights, but most of their little spats ended in hot, wild sex and he'd think everything was fine, or as fine as it could be.

Clearly, nothing was fine. He had known, in some part of his mind, that the situation was unsustainable, but that they were both cuddlers in bed clearly fed into his delusions that they could go on as they were. Not that it made him any less shocked to find out he'd been cheated on. Yeah, he might have entertained the idea after his family and friends told him of the possibility, but he had believed in Sean's honesty. Sean hated liars, and the irony wasn't lost on Corey that he became the biggest hypocrite.

He was so far gone in his own head that he hardly noticed someone had walked into the office until his name was called.


The shout, right in his ear pulled a startled squeak from him as he jumped about a foot in the air and almost managed to topple off his chair. He righted himself last minute and glared at the culprit as she burst into laughter.

Myra, his best friend and confidant since high school and now office partner set down a bag and cup of coffee on his desk before setting down her own, trying to control her laughter.

Damn it Myra, he snapped. You almost gave me a fucking heart attack.

He only made her laugh harder as she grabbed onto the desk opposite to his, trying to stay upright. He wasn't even entirely joking; he had that strange feeling in his chest anytime he got a good scare, his heart beating too wildly, his limbs suddenly going weak as a light tremble washed over his body. It was bright, at least, so he had enough control over himself to not hyperventilate; it was a lot worse in the dark.

Watching her, though, he only huffed in annoyance as he held back a smile, the relief in his system making his body slack in his seat. She may be annoying, but she knew better how to get him out of a funk faster than anyone else he knew.

I can't breathe, she gasped, wrapping an arm around her middle. I keep thinking I'll get bored hearing you squeak like a little girl, but it never gets old.

Fuck off, he muttered, more ashamed than mad at her.

For some reason, women looked at him and imagined he was straight, most guys too. Until he opened his mouth and everyone knew he was a homo. He'd tried censoring his words, but still never gave out a straight image as soon as he spoke. He wasn't sure if it was something he consciously did, or if he was some walking cliché and had no idea.

Most people were surprised he was gay at all, average height at five foot seven, not bulky but definitely lean and muscled. Hell, even his tastes were average guy stuff, none of them feeding into the popular stereotypes; he wasn't overly messy, though he wasn't exactly OCD and only cooked enough to get by. Still, it wasn't even a surprise when he came out his senior year of high school to his friends and family, and a portion of the school. It pissed him off just a little bit, how easily people took it, after how long he'd stewed over it. He learned pretty early on to be grateful when his elder brother tried to set him up with a girl even after he came out.

But even as the old annoyance still rankled, it wasn't enough to keep his mind occupied for long. The tiny smile that had managed to sneak past his defenses died away as he sighed, his shoulders slumping. He shot a glance at Myra and noticed the sympathetic look before she could hide it. So she knew, and she was trying to make him forget by distracting him. He glanced away before the look could make him burst into tears.

I'm sorry, Corey, she murmured, not even needing to ask.

He took a deep breath. least I always made him use a condom during sex.

That startled a laugh from Myra, and he was momentarily proud. She wasn't the kind of person to be shocked by anything, but he never went into the mechanics of gay sex with her, much less bring it up. He'd just told her he bottomed, but couldn't think enough to remember why he never wanted her to know that particular detail in the first place. Considering the difference in physic between him and Sean, most people would have taken the typical guess, and it would have been right.

Myra cleared her throat, looking awkward. So, um, I guess you found out it was true?

Corey felt momentary amusement that she was the girl but also the one with problems articulating emotion. Half the time, he just got her drunk like he would do for any guy before she spilled. It was stereotyping, but it surprisingly worked most of the time.

Yeah. I cornered him and he was acting suspicious. Then later— he cut off to chuckle darkly, remembering with perfect detail. He thought I was asleep so he called and said he'd been caught. Then, with me right there, they started having phone sex. He didn't do anything, just talked, but I heard every single word. He looked up to meet her sad gaze. I remember him saying the exact same things the first time I let him fuck me.

He spoke as flatly as he could manage, but his face crumpled. With a crooning sound much like one used for soothing babies, Myra lunged for him as he broke down. As her arms wrapped around him, he felt smothered, but he couldn't remember the last time anyone had hugged him and he needed it. He

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