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Growl All Night

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Flynn Valentine doesn’t fit the typical Omega model. He’s outspoken and loud. Flynn’s love life is in tatters. All he wants is a mate who sees him as an equal, and someone worthy to serve on his knees in the bedroom. Is that too much to ask? When his bestfriend suggests Flynn uses the dating app Howlr, Flynn is apprehensive. Growl4Me hooks people up. No strings, just one-night-stands. Loneliness pushes Flynn to meet a stranger...except Killer is nothing like he expected.

The world has always painted Killer as a bad guy. Sure, he’s the go-to guy for blackmail and for crushing skulls, but guys like him need love too. Flynn’s the first shifter who isn’t afraid of getting to know the real him. Sparks fly, but when things get too heavy, Flynn bolts. Can Killer convince Flynn they’re meant to be?

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