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Good Hunting - Dorothy A. Winsor

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See the low branch? He moved closer, nudging her in the right direction.

I'm afraid of heights, she managed. Terror took up most of her mind, but there was a tiny space where she was horrified that she was humiliating herself in front of this boy.

He gave a choked laugh. That's a wildcat which is, for some reason, ticked off. He crowded closer. Go!

The yellow eyes moved as if the cat were tilting its head from side to side.

This way, she forced out and leaped off the bank into the water. A moment later, Kaven splashed in behind her, holding his bow high to keep it dry. She waded to one side and slid into the hollow under the bank. Kaven crouched and squeezed in beside her, close enough that he could probably hear her heart pounding. This is better, she babbled. Cats can climb.

He twisted his bow in his oversized hands. True. He shifted and wound up pressed even more tightly against her. To her annoyance, she had to admit his solid warmth was reassuring.

She strained her ears, but heard nothing overhead.