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In-Charge Parenting: In a P.C. Nation

Length: 256 pages4 hours


  Is your child outsmarting you at every turn?
  Is talking back a problem with your children?
  Does your child still throw tantrums?
  Do your children embarrass you by their misbehavior in public?
  Does your child consistently disregard what you are asking him to do?
  Would you like to see changes in your child’s behavior and attitude?
……then this is the book for you !  IT WORKS!!
In-Charge Parenting brings cohesiveness back to the family, and puts the parents back in charge.  It reminds them of effective but now politically incorrect practices including moderate spanking of toddlers. It lays the foundation of discipline. Raising children is not a sprint—it is a marathon.
The parents’ current loss of power has severely weakened the most important social unit: the family, which has weakened all of our major institutions. Placing parents back in charge of the family in this PC world will revitalize our nation through the raising of self-reliant, intelligent citizens. Parents who take charge of the family are on the frontlines of restoring our country. 
Supported by natural law and biblical practices, In-Charge Parenting  details how to use purposeful discipline, effective consequences and training in developing moral values and normal behaviors. In-charge parents will find fulfillment in sacred duty of parenting—and discover the joy of raising wholesome children.

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