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Length: 379 pages6 hours


Molly’s back! This time she’s on a quest to find out what happened to her family while remaining hidden from her mates and makers. But nothing ever comes easy for Molly. As her maturing cycle reaches a pinnacle, her power has grown exponentially, and the fear of losing control has heightened.

When Calista tracks down Molly and tries to bring her back to New York, Molly insists that she no longer wants a life of blood and fight. But no sooner as Calista left than the truth of what Molly truly is comes crashing down on her with perfect clarity. Nothing means more to her than her family’s safety, and she will go to any lengths to protect them.

As things start to unravel in the underworld, it’s denizens get their first look at their new enemy - the nitrous MM’s – and more questions arise. When Molly finally makes her way back home, she finds that many things have changed, including the involvement of Marcus and the rest of her mates in the New York cluster.

Can Molly get the upper hand on the five men who still want to keep her under their thumbs? Can she find the leader of the notorious MM’S, who seems, all the while, to be plotting against her? And when shocking revelations of her youngest daughter’s demise come to light, will Molly be able to hold back the fury of the beast that dwells deep inside her? Or is she destine to wreak havoc and mayhem on everyone around her? There’s only one way to find out...

Come be part of the invasion!

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