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Pete's Journey Discovery

Length: 393 pages6 hours


Pete Williamson was young the first time we were visited. He didn't care, he had one thing on his mind and that was getting into space. As he learns that getting there is very hard his dad becomes instrumental in the united states efforts to follow what the aliens have asked us to accomplish, so we can be allowed to join the universe. Years later Pete, with his wife gets his chance and he leaves Earth for the seat of all power in the Universe. As he travels to the Ring planet he learns the reason behind the push to get Earth involved. Of course Earth is having problems of its own. How do you get all the different countries to join together and form a one earth government? Pete is amazed how naive the ring government is but he is determined to help in what he considers a lost cause. Fortunately, there is a few who have not had their head in the sand and together they try to save the universe from total collapse.

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