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Surge: Supercharge Your Life, Business & Legacy

Length: 94 pages1 hour


If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, this book is for you. Richard Lorenzen is an entrepreneur who has become well-known for having started his company at the age of 15. Now at the age of 24, the founder and CEO of one of New York's fastest growing public relations firms, Richard advises some of today's most well-known influencers and brands.

In his book Surge, Richard opens up his playbook for how he has built a successful company from scratch. For veteran entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, Richard gives practical advice and insight ranging from establishing a vision and setting goals to developing the lifestyle and habits of a successful entrepreneur to how to get traction and momentum in the market with little resources. Along the way he talks about the obstacles and stumbling blocks he has encountered and how he used resourcefulness to overcome them.

This book was written to be the guide for entrepreneurs, especially young entrepreneurs, who need a tactical game plan for how to get ahead when you're starting from 0-- or less.

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