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School for Angels

Length: 27 pages25 minutes


Short Story
When thirteen year-old Joey Callahan gets in trouble, he is sent to the School for Angels instead of Juvenile Detention. There he meets up with Sister Frances, a nun who keeps a watchful eye over him. When Joey is asked to help serve meals to the homeless, he grudgingly shows up on a bitterly cold Saturday morning and is surprised by the number pf people who are in need of a hot meal. There he meets six-year-old Sophie and her mother. When Sister Frances asks Joey if he will help watch over them, Joey reminds the nun that he has to help his mother who is a widow. It is not until later when Joey finds little Sophie alone on the street that he realizes that she desperately needs someone to help her. Along the way, he also discovers that becoming a man is not easy, and that learning to care for others is part of of growing up.

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