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For the Sexes: The Gate of Hell

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A preface notes that William Blake was far from the saint his admirers claim. We suggest that the reader follow the original work to see how the genesis of this parody came about. We flip the world turned upside down by Blake, right side up. His vision is mere pagan filth, churned up from of old. The parody conforms to truth and biblical doctrine. Blake can be difficult to follow for those not initiated to his sources. Carl Jung and the fourfold nature of the human psyche is worth noting. Read the vision of the throne of God in Ezekiel. Note the division of the horoscope into earth, water, air and fire, the four humors of ancient medicine. He plays off of these. The works of Paracelsus are apt. In carnal knowledge, Blake places carnal desire over knowledge. He deems the pursuit of pleasure as the road to wisdom rather than the road of health and truth. His proponents will deny this, but it is the truth. He was a shady character, an agent saboteur advancing the interests of Britannia as surely as the Royal Navy did in the military realm. He was an enemy of God and man, the prophet of the Age of Aquarius, that astrological swill we are suffering under and recovering from. His New Age crap is Fallen Age crap splattered about.

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