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It's the Great Murdering Pumpkin, Charlie Townes - Myke Edwards

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Judd shrugged. After ten years, the Devil didn't scare him anymore. Prostate problems did, however, and he high-tailed it over to a corner of the house. As he unzipped and let the golden river flow, he glanced over to the truck. Charlie looked at the sickle like he had never seen a garden tool before.

With a chuckle, Judd zipped up. Another beer had his name on it, and judging by the dusky sky, time soon approached. If he could just think of something good—

Judd froze. Charlie, still next to the truck, seemed stuck in one place as well. Emanating from the well, thick, potent smoke creeped over the edges. It grew thicker and darker until it absorbed the remaining light. Brimstone burned his nose, the scent growing heavier each second.

It's too early, Judd said. The instant the words left his mouth, he remembered the new Daylight Savings Time. No matter what the calendars said, this was happening right now, whether he wanted it to or not.

Um, Judd? Charlie's voice shook. Nothing but smoke had emerged from the well thus far, so Judd risked a glance at Charlie.

Are you seeing that?

Yeah. Are you seeing the pumpkin patch? Charlie pointed the sickle to the north.

Judd looked back over, eyes focusing in the growing darkness on the rotted pumpkin patch. How such big, colorful pumpkins could exist with no one to care for them and replant them every season was a mystery for another time. For now, however, he focused on the pumpkins moving on their own.

Vines slithered around. Orange, yellow, white, brown, green, light orange, dark orange, medium orange, something between blue and purple, and even a few black, rotten pumpkins moved, building upon one another. Judd's heart slammed into his ribcage as Charlie uttered his very thoughts:

A pumpkin golem, he said. A true Jack O'Lantern!

But there's no lantern, Judd said. No face.

As if it heard him, the fully-formed pumpkin golem stood, stretched out