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Regency Romance: An Unexpected Duke’s Invitation (CLEAN Short Read Historical Romance) Short Sampler to: To Love A Lord of London

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What happens when the rakish Lord in the whole of London is truly falling in love with a simple, plain, and most ordinary girl, something he has been avoiding- his innermost fear. True love?

Miss Amy Ott is London's newest riddle. . .

She's the mysterious niece of one of England's wealthiest dukes, and is about to encounter her first season.

Knowing nothing about the workings of corsets and country dances, she's looking for any help she can find... even when it comes from the most unlikely source…

London’s infamous rogue—an older Duke.

Duke Wardington’s face transformed into something… dark . “Don’t fear, Miss Ott. I have no desire of you. What if I told you that I could make you the belle of the ball? In every ball. The entire season.”

Amy chuckled. “Me? The belle of the ball? Impossible!”

… Or was it?

This catches the attention from the most unlikely, most alluring man in all of London.

Lord Nathaniel Dawnton knows what he wants.

Amy Ott.

And… this is definitely not in a way that he could speak of in public.

The scoundrel, who blackened his own soul, had met all sorts of women throughout his years, but none like Amy.

He's intrigued and won't stop until he has her. 

“ Skip the season, and simply be with me.”

Amy’s voice caught. Lord Nathaniel had proposed to her. So quickly…

Nathaniel was silent. “Amy, I have no intentions of marrying you. I would want you to become my mistress instead.” …

She backed away, “No.”

When Nathaniel's pursuits meet the walls of Amy's strength, the young lord is ready to jump those walls blindly...

But… he doesn’t realize that a jump toward Amy might mean a fall toward love...  something he has been avoiding—his innermost fear … true love.

But once Amy's dark secrets are out, will the fall have been worth it?

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