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Shelter from the Storm: Finley Creek, #2

509 pages6 hours


Brynna Beck has plans for her future, and those plans do not include working for the Finley Creek branch of the Texas State Police forever. Nothing is going to deter her from her goals—and Brynna is stubborn enough to go after what she wants.

Until a ten-year-old cold case resurfaces—one with massive implications for the entire Finley Creek TSP. And Brynna's family.

When Brynna discovers new information, she gains the notice of men who will stop at nothing to protect themselves. Even if it means silencing Brynna forever.

Former Texas Ranger Chance Marshall has spent ten years searching for them men who'd slaughtered his family and has found nothing. Until a woman who looks barely old enough to drink approaches him in a dark parking garage, demanding his help—and promising him the answers to the questions that have plagued him for a decade.

She'll share what she knows—if he agrees to drive her home, three states away. She has the information he needs, and Chance is going to get it.

​But someone else wants Brynna silenced before she can share those answers.

If Chance wants to stop the killers, he'll have to keep the beautiful, maddening redhead safe…while the storm rages around them.

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