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Paranormal Love Part 2: 5 Paranormal & Erotic Short Stories

Length: 79 pages1 hour


Paranormal Love Part 2 - 5 Paranormal & Erotic Short Stories

Total word count 19,940.

Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story.

Conjuring The Perfect Lover
When Tammy finds a spell to create her perfect lover, she does not take it at all seriously dismissing the words written on the pamphlet before her as a mere joke!
Despite such a view Tammy still goes on to follow the instructions of the spell to the letter as a way of taking her mind off both her boredom and sexual frustration.
Will Tammy, therefore, be left rejoicing or regretting once she is confronted by an unexpected result of her actions!

Inciting A Vampire’s Lust
Sarah is intrigued and besotted all at once when a mysterious and extremely attractive stranger catches her eye in a club, from that moment onwards she does not know what comes over her, but she feels compelled to find out who he is by any means possible.
Unbeknownst to Sarah the person whom she seeks is no ordinary man, and if she continues in her investigations she may just find herself unleashing a raw hunger in both the stranger when she finally comes face to face with him as well as within herself!

My Shape Shifter Partner
Jessica, a professional and successful thief and cat burglar, is left desperate and confused when she finds herself alone in a cold cell. Thinking that all is done for with the law now aware of her criminal activities, Jessica gives up all hope, sure that she will be found guilty and will have to serve hard time.
So Jessica is taken by surprise when she is later released and her freedom given back to her, and is even more thankful that she now has the chance to confront her partner in crime, a man named Jackson, who abandoned and left her to take all the blame for their failed grand heist.
However when Jessica eventually meets with Jackson she soon finds out that not all is what it seems, and even more frustratingly instead of feeling anger towards Jackson the emotions she experiences in relation to him are quite the opposite!

Deal With A Demon
Rachel is desperate to save her family from ruin, and the only way she can think of doing just that is to confront the man at the centre of her misery, Mr Warren Cardel.
However, when she finally meets Warren, she is to find herself taken completely by surprise by him. Firstly on discovering just how damned sexy he is in the flesh, and secondly on the generous offer he proposes to save her family.
There is, however, one catch, in order for Rachel to get what she wants, she must give Warren back something, in turn, something that unbeknownst to her he has been patiently waiting for, for a very long time!

Eternal Devotion
Theresa is having some very strange dreams of a past time and life, dreams that she dismisses at first as being pure fantasy.
That is until she meets the man from her dreams who used to be her Master and she in turn his most devoted Pet!

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