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Death in Xanadu

Length: 98 pages1 hour


'Death in Xanadu' is a savage indictment against the movie industry, and in this world of celluloid fantasy, the ultimate power belongs to the studio mogul Carlton Hislop, who can either destroy careers or create them – on the condition that they submit themselves to him. Author Aaron J Clarke turns a jaundiced eye on Xanadu, and the result is a depiction of a chain-smoking, heavy drinking, coke snorting, megalomaniac – not to mention perverse – movie mogul, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants and likewise, prevent his abhorrent desires from being publicized. Drawn into this scandal are the producers Tiffany, Lisa and Tony, in addition to the casting director, Kathy, who nominates child actors Frank and Freddie for roles in an upcoming film. Carlton becomes fixated on the young actors the moment he sees their audition. And so the malevolent man descends down a path of depravity, which ultimately leads to his humiliating escape from America and subsequent punishment in tropical Brazil.

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