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Uncle Bob's Red Flannel Bible Camp



All right - so if you enjoyed UNCLE BOB'S RED FLANNEL BIBLE CAMP - THE BOOK OF GENESIS, then you are going to LOVE this next book in the series. This is the whole entire story of the Book of Exodus and several books thereafter, encompassing the entire lifespan of Moses himself - as told to you by the world's oldest storyteller, Uncle Bob. 

This isn't exactly a solemn retelling of the Bible. In fact, I guarantee a giggle or two along the way. The fact is this is the story of the Book of Exodus as retold by a country gentleman who read the Bible a couple of times and is doing his level best to retell it in his own words. 

Means he takes some liberties with the Gospel. 

Or - in the words of Uncle Bob - this here is mostly the truth with only a few lies stirred into the broth for pepper. 

Don't say I did not warn you!

"My golly, but I just can't tell you people just how very much that I wish Uncle Bob had written the screenplay for my very first movie, Julius Caeser!" - Charlton Heston (or some fellow that looked just like Charlton Heston if you squinted around an eyeful of powdered glass and Pop Rocks)

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