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It Is Now Yesterday's Tomorrow, Hello Today: Poems of Emotion

Length: 57 pages23 minutes


Poetry is a journey worth taking when it tells a story. “It Is Now Yesterday’s Tomorrow Hello Today” takes you through the emotional cycles of our relationships with human beings. Weaved into the story are pictures taken that enhance the visual art of the poetry. That initial spark you feel meeting someone unique for the first time. There is something intriguing about the conversation, about the feeling you get from learning a new personality. So the relationship forms; in a business friendship or romantic way. Emotions, positive and negative, are created as the experience deepens. You move in doubt, understanding, passion, conflict, resolution, joy and back again. The relationship is constantly evolving until it’s not, there has to be a decision to end. Once you know how you feel in that moment of the evolution or de-evolution of the relationship you accept everything gained from your time together and move on to start the cycle again.

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