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"Souvenirs from Base Camp": The proprietor of a ramshackle souvenir shop located in Mt. Everest's base camp tries to lure the day's first customer.
"Toofers": A brother and sister find a bunch of buried teeth.
"The Poster": A man returns home for Christmas, and his ex-girlfriend shows up drunk and demanding an explanation for why he ended their relationship.
"Identity Theft": Agatha buys a new app that brings her lover's online personalities to life. She questions them to find out who the man sleeping in her bedroom really is.
"Soul Airlines": A day in the life of a flight attendant.
"Breath": A medical nightmare.
"The Coffee Shop": After the local coffee shop burns down, everyone confesses. The now out-of-work barista tries to figure out the truth.
"How to Revise a Story for a Social Justice Warrior": A story told twice about a caveman who just wants to do the right thing.
"Werewolf": A split narrative that alternates between a German farmer's daughter in the 16th century and a girl growing up in Midwestern America.
"Confessions and Questions in the Multiverse": A poem that summarizes an infinite number of ways to ask the world's oldest question.

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