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Not-So-Straight Sue

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“Sorry, I’m straight.” Those words, accompanied by a smile, were the ones Sue Brent, an Australian lawyer living in London, always used to turn down women. But the truth was buried so deep that even her best friend, Nora, didn’t know that Sue was queer. Sometimes Sue even managed to convince herself. The only person in London who’d ever seen through her façade was Moni, an American tourist.
When a date with a friend’s brother goes disastrously wrong, Sue has to confront the truth about herself. Leaving London, she returns to Australia to take up the reins in an outback law practice. Back in the country of her birth, she is finally able to accept who she is. When Moni arrives in outback Queensland to work as a doctor, Sue starts to see a path to happiness. But when Sue’s teenage love, Denise, tracks Sue down in Mungabilly Creek to beg a favor, Sue and Moni’s burgeoning relationship is put to the test.

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