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The Leader’s Guide to Leadership and Personal Excellence with an Emphasis in being committed, taking responsibility and making health, safety and wellness your priority. Build a Positive Organizational and Health and Safety Culture as everyone is committed and takes responsibility in every facet of their life while being injury and illness free 24/7. TESTIMONIAL - Dear Judy, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book! I am a retired Detective Supervisor who managed squads of Detectives. I wish your book had been available during my 25 years in law enforcement! Many of your how to ( and how not to) lead lessons I learned the hard way through OJT, observing others and trial & error. You explain in a personal, straightforward way in easy to understand language how to successfully and safely work, manage and lead. Other Leadership/Management books I have read in the past I found to be dry and impersonal, difficult to understand let alone apply. In today's economy, I would recommend this book to anyone working in the public or private sector as well as to anyone running a business with employees. Whether you are a worker bee, line supervisor, middle management or executive, you can become a greater asset to your employer. You will improve the morale and your working relationship with co-workers and others, learn early recognition, prevention, and how to deal with health and safety issues that affect and cost everyone. In this era of the "bottom line", manpower hours, performance, injuries, sick time, the need for employee counselling and company costs will improve! The only ingredients needed to succeed are integrity, willingness to self-examine and minimal effort to learn, absorb and put into practice leadership methods that are not difficult. Thanks,Detective III Rick Hoefel, Retired Los Angeles Police Department
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