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Just Lucky
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This is a very unusual book. It is full of stories of unexpected and sometimes hazardous experiences. It is an adventure book that will appeal to the young and old alike. Anyone who likes the outdoors and nature will enjoy reading this book. John writes the same way he speaks. The stories are told in a down to earth manner with just enough humor thrown in to make them enjoyable. If you ever had a desire to explore unknown territory or to hike a new trail, you will certainly enjoy the stories in this book. Editor's note: John Findley is a truly extraordinary man and has lived a life packed with more extraordinary experiences than any other ten people I know combined. He has written this book where he relives many of these experiences, and I have had the good fortune to help John with some of the construction of this book (but the words and style are his). John has detailed memories of his experiences which include skydiving in ways I wish I could have seen, spelunking in places I am glad I have missed, and attempting to swim through the Grand Canyon three times. You will like this book!
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