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At last! A teacher manual that has what you need and what you want!How to Teach the Best Research Paper Ever! is the companion to the student text, How to Write the Best Research Paper Ever! In it you will find that this curriculum and the way in which you deliver it meet all the requisite State Standards for Secondary English. More importantly, you will find lesson plans prepared for you that have all the instructional components and all the active participation strategies you need to draw your students into this process and project. That’s right—29 Lesson Plans, which makes this, if used in its entirety, a quarter long project in the secondary schools, or a semester course in college. All of you curriculum, plans, assignments, and assessments are prepared for your use! Adapting your own lessons for extensions and/or corrections is easy!Because the research paper unit can take up to a quarter, some teachers worry about losing time to teach a poetry unit, or certain beloved short stories, but the learning done with this unit has far reaching value. If you students to learn Skills and Strategies, and Mastery Learning in order to promote life-long use of those skills, you will find them all incorporated right here! And students will be using them in the pursuit of a study they choose that is of great interest to them. The student text and your guidance through it with this teacher manual will promote the development and use of critical thinking skills and creative thinking skills, and provide opportunities for including Gardiner’s Multiple Intelligences in the process of writing this paper and also making a coordinating presentation. By using this text, your students will be reading at a higher and more technical level; they will be connecting their reading and writing skills at a higher level; they will be practicing the language arts of listening and speaking; and they will be delving into the world of computer technology. All the targets of teaching English are met in this book and unit. Teaching your students the tools and skills of researching, and the rules and conventions of writing about research clearly will prepare your students for their futures in school, jobs, and life!“Our students have benefited greatly, for several years now, through the research paper writing process taught in this book, How to Write the Best Research Paper Ever! I think it is so important that students learn the proper research techniques, and writing conventions—the whole step-by-step process—taught in this book. I know that the teacher who introduces it to our students can’t say enough good things about it, and we carry it into all the high school courses where we expect students to use it.” Patricia Blount, Christian Life School, Kenosha, Wisconsin. “In Mrs. Blandford's class, I learned to write a research paper. While I was in high school, she published her research paper unit as a book, and I used it to write my papers. Then, as a college student, I became dependent on it as a resource. Now that I am an English teacher, too, (with a crucial pit stop of student teaching in Mrs. B’s classroom), I have been on the teaching side of her process. This book is the most complete research paper learning tool I have encountered.” Tom Tuttle, Racine Unified School District“Mrs. Blandford has carefully and creatively provided a book that is a guaranteed recipe for success in writing research papers
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