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佛心经品-亦通大随求陀罗尼-Buddha’s Heart Sutra Of Which Some Section Consistent With The Maha-Pratisaravidya-Dharani

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如是我闻.一时佛住俱焰弥国金刚山顶, 遍观十方,皆如火色.
Thus I have heard. At one time the Tathagata, dwelling at the Diamond Peak of Kausambi, looked at the ten directions where all appeared with the flame color.
尔时如来即嘘长叹, 普视众生都无差途. 善哉众生当何所救?
At that time, Tathagata uttered a deep sigh, seeing all the sentient beings have no path to free themselves. Well, how could sentient beings be saved?
As he finished contemplating, all the Buddhas’ worlds and Bodhisattvas’ realms, from the upper Tavatinsa, down to ten Vajras’ Kingdoms and the Palaces of Demons, were all shaking.
其时即有过、现、未来一切诸佛, 应念正思.
Simultaneously, all past, present, and future Buddhas were responding with the same contemplation.

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