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Toward the Unknown: A Glimpse of The Future

399 pages6 hours


This is a science fiction novel set in the 23rd Century. Sharah is a Terran Mercenary Pilot who is
ordered to team up with a gunner from another planet named Jehan. He is from the planet Canaan.
He is over 6 foot with four arms and no hair. But he has snapping black eyes, a calm demeanor and a wicked sense of humor.
They go through a lot of dangers, each saving the other's life.
Through each dangerous encounter with natural and unnatural enemies, they realize that the differences between them don't mean as much as their feelings for each other.
Eventually they become lovers and that causes its own set of problems. Not just with the authorities but they are both independent, determined people who clash more than once.
Sharah and Jehan overcome not just their enemies but their own stubbornness to continue their journey Toward The Unknown.

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