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Forever Us: Barringer And Calista Blackstone

Forever Us: Barringer And Calista Blackstone

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Forever Us: Barringer And Calista Blackstone

4.5/5 (3 ratings)
77 pages
1 hour
Jul 23, 2016


A Short Story

Barringer Blackstone is rough around the edges. That’s no surprise to Calista. His demeanor is a gift and a curse – a gift because his strong-willed character makes him a great business leader. A curse because that same no-nonsense, merciless attitude doesn’t make for a loving, passionate husband at times – the very reason Calista left him for four months.

They’ve been back together for two months and while their marriage and communication has improved, a weekend away reveals that their issues haven’t been fully resolved. Is another separation in the works for this Blackstone couple?

*Must read 'Leaving Barringer' before reading this short story*

Jul 23, 2016

About the author

TINA MARTIN is the Amazon #1 Bestselling author of over 70 romantic suspense novels, novellas and short stories. She currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information, visit www.tinamartin.net

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Forever Us - Tina Martin


Forever Us is a short story based on my book, Leaving Barringer that follows the relationship of Barringer and Calista Blackstone. I highly recommend you read Leaving Barringer before reading Forever Us.

Readers who’ve already read Leaving Barringer, enjoy Forever Us – an informative follow-up to the lives of this Blackstone couple. How is their marriage currently? What about the problems from their past? Is Barringer still the same ol’ Barringer, or has he finally come around to see things from Calista’s perspective? Read Forever Us to find out!


Chapter 1


That’s the last of the bags, Barringer said as he closed the trunk of the Lexus, pulling Calista’s suitcase. He’d brought only one suitcase. She’d had two. They would only be in Nags Head, North Carolina for the weekend – tonight, Friday, then all day Saturday and Sunday. Monday morning, they’d planned on heading back home, making the four-hour drive back to Wilmington. It was time they needed to talk about their recent reconciliation, two months ago.


She’d left him. For four months. Not one. Not two. Not three.


Sixteen weeks.

One hundred and twelve days.

A man’s ego took a blow when a woman left him. It was a goliath of a blow for Barringer because he considered himself a catch. Well, he was a catch, and that came with a lot of pride. A big time CEO, he was a true boss. He had plenty of money. A fancy house. Nice cars. Strong, Blackstone genes that resulted in his drop-dead gorgeous features. He had everything and then some to offer a woman. But it was the things he didn’t have that eventually drove Calista away – things like time and a pleasant attitude. Before their split, he was never home and when he was, he was easily frustrated, unfriendly and always stressed about work. After they got back together, he’d promised to work on his attitude, as well as making their marriage a priority.

So far, so good.

He looked at her as she checked out the cabin. The thought of her leaving him still angered him at times, along with other secrets that had been exposed during their four-month split – like the fact that she used to date his brother, Garrison, when they were in college. But he’d forced those feelings to the back of his mind since he and Calista had worked things out. Besides, no good would come from opening old wounds.

This is nice and cozy, Calista said. A one-bedroom retreat, just for us.

Barringer left Calista’s suitcase near the door. I’m so glad I have you all to myself this weekend, he said, walking up behind her, wrapping his muscly arms around her.

Calista closed her eyes and basked in the warmness of his embrace and the tightness of which he held her. Mmm, she hummed, inhaling his masculine, comforting scent. I love the feeling of your arms around me, Barry. That’s something I appreciate about being married to you. I always feel safe in these arms.

As you should. You know I’ll always protect you, baby.

Yes, she said turning around to face him. I know.

Barringer lowered his mouth to hers, taking a long, deep kiss. When he’d thoroughly kissed her lips, he pulled back. Smiled. So, what’s first on the agenda?

Um... Calista hesitated when she saw the heat in his eyes.

Instead of waiting for her response, Barringer said, If we have an hour or two to spare, we could head to the bedroom and find out what that bed is made of.

Calista giggled. "You would want to do that, wouldn’t you?"

Why wouldn’t I? I have a hot wife who still makes me ache.

Barringer Blackstone, I’m going to need you to focus.

I am focused...on that bedroom.

Barry, Calista chuckled.

Don’t laugh it off, he asked, throwing his arms around her again. Just let me have you.

No, Barry.

Why not? he asked, his lips grazing her neck. We’re here alone. You’re unknowingly turning me on....that sundress got your body looking ready for the taking.

You would say the same thing if I had on a turtleneck and a pair of corduroys.

He grinned. Sure would.

Well, you need to simmer down, hun. We’re supposed to be discussing our issues and working to better improve our marriage, remember?

And you don’t think making love would help?

Calista smiled. She couldn’t make love to him right now as tempting as it sounded. The man was so thorough, she’d be smooth out, sound asleep when they were done. It would, Barry, and you know I love making love to you. But first things first. We need to grab something to eat.


She grinned. What do you mean, why? We established on the drive here that we would eat when we got here. Aren’t you hungry?

Yeah, just not for food, he said lowering his head to nip at her neck.

Her eyes nearly rolled back

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