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Vengeance Demons



Treat yourself to a heaping dish of ice-cold revenge with the first 4 books in the Vengeance Demons series. With over 800 pages and almost 500 positive reviews across all platforms—it's vengeance, supernatural style!

Anyone who's ever been fooled, betrayed, or taken advantage of understands the feeling of shame and anger—especially when they're in a position where they could not fight back.

In come the vengeance demons, licensed supernatural professionals who clean up the injustices of the world, punishing the wrongdoers and releasing the victims from their helpless frustration.

Megan, a young woman who's had her share of injustice, would do anything to join their ranks. Welcome to her world.

This box set contains the following in this fascinating series:





Well-written, hilarious, and entirely original, the box set is a fantastical ride that will leave you captivated until the very last page.

"A clever, funny romp that fans of urban fantasy will surely enjoy!" - Dima Zales, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Louisa Lo has an exciting new voice to bring to urban fantasy and a fun and breezy writing style that kept the pages quickly turning well into the night! I need more!" - Michelle Rowen, National Bestselling Author

"If you want a good laugh, love action and urban fantasy, and like a strong heroine then I highly suggest this book, you won't be disappointed." - Kylie's Fiction Addiction

"Vengeance Be Mine isn't like any other NA I've read, the world building alone can stand with the urban fantasy greats." - Nerd Girl Official

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