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The Scarecrow & Ms. Moon

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From Award-Winning author, Barbara Raffin, enjoy the hauntingly humorous The Scarecrow & Ms. Moon.

Never make a witch mad. Jackson Wolfe did and he’s now a scarecrow in her garden. Jessie Moon doesn’t like liars and, in a fit of anger, turned the man she loves into a scarecrow. Now, four months later, she’s exhausted every spell she knows to restore him, been put on probation by her coven, and is still angry at Jackson for lying to her.

On All Hallows Eve, the coven assembles at Jessie’s house to restore Jackson to his living, human form at the stroke of midnight. But there’s a condition. This is a test for Jessie, a test that will determine whether or not she will be allowed to remain in the coven. Since impulsive anger is this novice witch’s problem, Jessie is given the twenty-four hours of Halloween in which to learn to control her anger and love Jackson enough to let him go or lose her place in the coven.  And one more condition. If she fails, not only will she be cast out of the coven, Jackson will be turned back into a scarecrow…forever.

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