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Only for You

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Aimee Lemieux had everything she ever wanted. She was a hard worker who had fulfilled her life’s dream and opened her own restaurant, she happened to be the sister of a famous-yet-erratic supermodel, and she was clever enough to balance both. The only thing missing from her very full life was, well, the attention of the one man she wanted to notice her. From the moment she first set eyes on Rick Ballard, she was hooked, but he either had no idea she existed or did not like her. She could not tell.
Detective Rick Ballard moved to San Diego for a slower pace, resigning from his exalted position in Homicide to settle for the more laid back Robbery Division. Los Angeles was his hometown, but it failed to be home after a betrayal left him bitter and close to burnout. However, his new partner, Raymundo Laurencio, is a friendly family man who is more interested in being his friend than just his partner.
Although Rick was not interested, he had little choice. Ray was persistent, and that meant Rick was forced to associate with Ray’s family and friends, including the cool yet unattainable Aimee Lemieux. She was a woman as beautiful as she was smooth, but Rick is reluctant to trust her and his persistent attraction to her.
Unbeknownst to them both, there is another man hiding in the shadows who has plans for Aimee, and he is determined to prove his undying love at any cost. As her stalker escalates, Aimee begins to fear his actions. When he becomes more unstable, she begins to fear for her life. And when he makes his ultimate move, Rick does not hesitate to fight for Aimee... and for the truth in his heart.

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