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Halloween Nudists

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Curious about swapping partners? Well, this brother and sister are about to. Full of sex appeal, this naughty young woman can’t say no to the satisfying sibling sex. When her brother wants to push her boundaries further than excepted, she’s not so sure. Now, reluctant and intrigued, she’s about to experience a whole new taboo pleasure as her brother watches—with a perfect stranger!


Hot Hortence smirks, “Inflatable mattresses, here and there, with some Mexican girl maids to clean things up, afterward.”

“Sex in public, as a spectator sport.”

Hot Hortence smirks, “You get to try some girls, at the party. I get to try some guys.”

(I can see that Hot Hortence is thinking about moving on. She figures that she can try several guys, while I get maybe one girl. As usual, Hot Hortence overlooks several key factors.)

“How much is this extravaganza gonna cost?”

“Only $200 per couple, includes drinks.”

“What's the etiquette?”

“Man and woman talk. Maybe a little touchy feely. If she gets aroused, they go to an inflatable.”

“I wind up with another girl, you wind up with another guy. Then what?”

Hot Hortence smirks, “You take her back here. I go back to his place, with him.”

(Hot Hortence is obviously on the move. She doesn't want to come back home, where all of her stuff is, she wants to check out the guy's living quarters, as a preliminary to moving in with a new cock. It works for me.)

I ask, “Where do we get the masks?”

Hot Hortence says, “There's now a little shop in the lobby of each of the tech businesses.”

“Are you sure that you want to get into this?”

Hot Hortence smirks, “This place is so boring. We need to liven things up a little.”

“I'm willing to try.”

(I'm a systems analyst. Hot Hortence isn't. Hot Hortence plans to hit the gym, before the party, to make sure that everything is tightened up. I always hit the gym, night by night. Most of the ladies will need a few shots of liquid courage, before they go to a nude party. Most of the guys will drink along with their lady. A drunk lady can still screw pretty good. A drunk man may not be able to get it up and may only have single shot capability, if that. Hot Hortence looks good and a lot of guys will want to screw her, however, they aint gonna want to wait in line for sloppy seconds and one shot may be all the boys have to offer Hot Hortence. A lot of ladies will be curious as to how it might feel to get fucked by a guy with my size and my muscles. However, the lady's gonna want to survive the experience. The best place to do that is at a public fuck fest, where they can call for help, if need be. The guys mostly gonna try to convince the other guys, in the restroom, that they're super stud. The ladies gonna talk about how it felt. I've been with Hot Hortence long enough to have developed some technique. Most of the boys gonna take some booze and some Viagra, before the party, not too good. I'm gonna take 10mg of Cialis, some workout food and no booze. Most of the boys have a bit of blubber on them. Me, I got muscle. I'm gonna get the ladies that I want. Hot Hortence may wind up with big ego, little cock boy. We shall see what really happens.)

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