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Lurking on the Tightrope: Mystery at Diamond Head: A Pari Malik Mystery, #1

Length: 248 pages3 hours


Intrigue and secrets lurk everywhere, even in the world's most beautiful places.

Altruistic people, trying to preserve the Hawaiian Islands and make the world a kinder place, are in danger from an unknown killer.  

Solving the complex mysteries and crimes becomes the ambition of a young woman, Pari, who becomes an accidental and amateur sleuth.  She is a keen observer and discovers complexities about the suspects.  But she is a suspect too, with contradictions and problems of her own.

To stop a murderer, Pari uncovers a plethora of secrets, reveals hidden and puzzling behaviors, and inadvertently unravels the deepest enigma of her own past.

"Lurking on the Tightrope" is a captivating mystery novel set throughout the paradise of Oahu, including Diamond Head State Monument, a "garden of Eden" historical park along an ancient mountain river stream, and a Gothic neighborhood in the North Shore clandestinely created by a classic movie star

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