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Bodybuilding Nutrition: Training, Nutrition, & Genetics
Bodybuilding Nutrition: Training, Nutrition, & Genetics
Bodybuilding Nutrition: Training, Nutrition, & Genetics
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Bodybuilding Nutrition: Training, Nutrition, & Genetics

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About this ebook

Learn Why Nutrition Clearly “Defines” Your Training Results. Regardless Of Any Training Routine.

If you are serious about your training, and building muscle and melting body fat, you are then going to need to know about “True Natural Bodybuilding,” once and for all, and how it relates to 85% of your muscle building progress and why exercise is the remaining 15% of your results.

This book provides you with a perfect game plan and a tactical approach to turning your fitness and bodybuilding dreams into a reality. In this book you will have gained years of knowledge in nutritional health from the authors own personal experience and education, as not only as a Holistic Health Practitioner, but an avid bodybuilder, trainer, and personal coach for the past 30 years.

Let's face it, nutrition is three quarters of the battle that clearly “defines” the results you want from bodybuilding. Your muscular gains are literally defined by the foods that you eat. It is that simple! You will also learn that consuming the “right nutrients” at the right time, how it optimizes the adaptive response of skeletal muscular growth. Inside this book you will explore subjects such as:

The anabolic cycle – optimizing “nutrient timing” to stimulate enormous gains in muscle mass and strength.
Nutritional influence on hormone production; testosterone, insulin, and growth hormone (GH)
Post exercise growth & recovery tips
Dietary tips for fast muscular gains
Muscle building meal plans and protein shake formulas that pack an “Anabolic” punch.
All about vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fats and how they relate to muscle growth & well being
Diet & Nutritional Supplementation for performance enhancement
A list of over 50 Ergogenic Aids known to enhance athletic performance
Designing your own genetic training program for fast muscle gains
Nutritional support for critical joint, tendon, and ligament health
And so much more nutritional & training advice to help speed up your muscle building gains. With basic exercises to get you as big as possible.

This book will be a must read for all those concerned with building muscle fast, improving your strength, and in maximizing your performance. A must read for those who are tired of wasting there efforts on diets & training programs not truly designed for their specific body and metabolism.

This book is not your regular plethora of bodybuilding nutrition & training books, but a book that teaches you what exactly works for your specific metabolism and genetics. By implementing the guidelines from this book, the reader will have a dramatic impact on any exercise program he or she chooses.

PublisherDawn Xhudo
Release dateAug 29, 2013
Bodybuilding Nutrition: Training, Nutrition, & Genetics
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Tony Xhudo M.S., H.N.

Biography Tony Xhudo was born in Albania May 14,1957. He spent his early childhood years in a refugee camp and immigrated to America March 2, 1962 with his family of 10. He grew up in the New York/New Jersey area during most of his teen and adult life. Which led him to join the U.S. Military in 1976 to 1982, Finishing his high school in the Armed Forces, Tony had a calling to become a Holistic Health Practitioner. He entered the "Clayton College of Natural Health", where he attained his Bachelor's and earned his Master's in 1996. He is Board Certified by the (A.A.D.P) "The American Association of Drugless Practitioners". He has studied Natural Medicine & Sports Nutrition for over 20 years, and has had a burning desire to help heal those with affliction's and disease.He has also helped and trained many career minded athletes,collegiate & professional in attaining their personal sports oriented goals, in which many today are excelling at. He is relentless in his research,and pursuit in helping those stricken with illness & disease. He has also helped many to become happy and well once again,as he feels that guess work was not an option when it came to someone's health and well-being in seeking relief from their affliction. Tony has given private lectures to schools,health oriented establishments and consultations to many on a public and private level. He wants nothing more than to share his knowledge through book writing and help as many as he can. He feels that is why "God" put him on this earth to do! You will enjoy reading several of his books that are out in print, on many health related issues, sports nutrition, disease manifestation, anti-aging, and bodybuilding. As he speaks from the heart,He is passionate in his beliefs about heath & general well-being,and has helped many people lecturing on natural medicine, where modern Allopathic Medicine did not.His passion is to educate and inform many of those that have been ill and unhappy with their current health status.In the health society today, it is often said that the people who truly care about the health of others "make for the best practitioners".

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