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5.Fun Guide To Joshua Tree (Book 1, Trash Can Rock)

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I love rock climbing.

I also love Joshua Tree National Park.

Thus, when I am rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park I am pretty close to Nirvana. I have visited the park a couple of dozen times over the past ten years. Which tells you a lot, because I have to come from Ohio!
This guide provides information that may help you, modest climber, experience some of the same joys, challenges, and peace that are to be found while climbing in the park.
Once upon a time, or maybe “back in the day” as the kids say now, some of the moderate and moderately hard routes were what I did when I came here. Now, after hip replacement and too many good meals, it’s the and easy routes that interest me. They present the challenge now that other routes provided back then.
This guide is intended for the climber who maybe can’t walk as far as the other climbers, who maybe can’t climb routes as hard as other climbers, who likes someone else to make breakfast, who will probably pick up a small gift for the grandchildren or the children or nieces and nephews before returning home, and who gets excited on the rock no matter what the ratings say. Thus, this guide only discusses the routes. All the routes are visible in the photographs, and many other excellent guides will provide you information about the 5.hard routes that are interwoven with thte routes.

This guide is organized into chapters that each represent an entire days of climbing for someone like me, a 50 year old (at the time of writing) hip replacement recipient who on his good days climbs 5.7 gym routes that are thirty feet long and on his average day climbs 5.4 routes and has more fun doing so than pretty much anyone else.

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