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Fly Girl Volume 8: Part of a Fool

41 pages38 minutes


Russ Anderson Jr’s Fly Girl returns in her eighth adventure!

High school troublemaker Angie Cordova is Fly Girl's best friend, her confidant, her assistant, and the only one who knows her secret identity. Despite all that, Angie has never been in any real danger... until Fly Girl's greatest enemy, The Trickster, shows up on her doorstep. Angie and her family are completely at his mercy; but is he there to hurt her, or to warn her about a danger on the horizon, something far, far worse than himself?

Questions about both Fly Girl and the Trickster are answered, and the Trickster's origin is revealed, as we begin the countdown to the end of Fly Girl, Season 1!

Part of a Fool is the eighth short story in the Fly Girl series by Russ Anderson, Jr., a Pro Se Single Shots Signature Series from Pro Se Productions.

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