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For The Love In Adler's Brain

50 pages39 minutes


Private Investigator Luc Kai’Leel has had some strange cases before but never one like the young woman sitting before him now. Rena Powell wants him to find her lover’s brain, which definitely isn’t inside his head.

Seems the gentleman in question is an android and not just any ol’ robot but Marcus Adler, aka Moondeath, the Federation’s chief AIA—Artificial Intelligent Assassin Agent—and he wanted to get out. A car bomb solves that problem but now Adler is mentally calling to save him.

Inside Adler’s brain is information on how to create others like him, hidden there by his creator, because he never wished it to be known. Marcus Adler was to be his finest creation and the only one of his kind.

With severe misgivings, Luc takes the case and immediately sees complications, because he’s fallen in love with Rena.
How can he convince a real man’s better than an artificial one...especially when his rival exists only in her mind?

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