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Biosymbionce 2 XenDar

673 pages11 hours


The biosymbiont, Tom is being haunted by reoccurring dreams of a world he's never been to. They are the result of other people's memories having been implanted in his brain. Then Tom, along with his pledged adept named Nightshade, go to the strange forest world of XenDar. Where the daggerthorn plants they bring with them may be the answer to a strange disease that's beginning to decimate it's forests.

While on XenDar Tom faces many new challenges and makes several new friends along with some dangerous new enemies. He will encounter a threat to his survival that even his daggerthorn enhanced immune system needs help to keep him alive. To get her beloved 'thorn wizard' the help he needs Nightshade will embark on a perilous race against time that proves to be a grueling ordeal. She struggles on beyond her body's normal limits of exhaustion, driven by a stubborn refusal to be too late for Tom.

Tom will eventually face a great personal tragedy as he discovers the existence of an out of control ancient power source that has the potential to completely destroy the entire galaxy if Tom can't find a way to repair an organic control system in time.

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