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Don't Disarm Us

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A Hollywood insider named Gigi Barbarossa creates a non-profit organization named No More Guns, which is committed to undermining the 2nd Amendment. Gigi elicits the support of her attorney to create the "Firearms Preservation Trust" as a covert front for No More Guns. The idea of the "Firearms Preservation Trust" is to induce gun collectors to deposit their antique guns in the trust, for which they will receive a generous charitable tax deduction. The guns will then be stored in an undisclosed sanctuary, ostensibly free from search & seizure by the government. The only problem is that once the guns are received in trust, they will be melted down by operatives of No More Guns. Darla Angleton, a courageous paralegal, suspects the true agenda of the trust and sets out to render it null and void.

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