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The Silent Tears of Polygamy

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Every now and again a great book comes along that changes our perception of marriage. “The Silent Tears of Polygamy” is a captivating story about a woman named Ana who was born and raised in America and converted to Islam. Like all young girls who grew up playing house and fantasizing about the perfect husband that she’ll have when she gets older, Ana thought her fantasy came true when she met Alec Coleman.

They seemed made for each other. But when Alec rekindles a relationship with his former ex-girlfriend Carolyn, Ana’s supposed perfect life spirals into chaos. Ana is forced into a polygamous marriage. How can she share the man whom she loves with another woman? Ana soon learns why polygamy is called, “The Mother of All Pain.” She suffers in silent sorrow, a pain shared by countless women around the world. It’s a suffering Ana endures…for a time.

“The Silent Tears of Polygamy” is based on a true story of a woman’s heart-wrenching journey into polygamy. She didn’t see it coming, and it almost consumed her. Find out how she takes back control of her life, one prayer, one voice, one grueling day at a time and all without sacrificing who she is.

“Johnson eloquently conveys the absolute devastation Ana experiences at what feels like the ultimate betrayal at the hands of the person she loves most. This cautionary tale is very well-written, thought-provoking, and one that often had me forgetting that it was indeed a fictionalized account of a true story and not a memoir.”

~Readers’ Favorite~

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