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Genesis: A Prequel: The UGS Constellation Series, #0.5

128 pages1 hour


Slow and insidious, evil begins to move through creatures. It tempts good men to do unspeakable acts.

 Mestrock was a beloved son, a twin, and a cherished brother. Deep within him grew an evil so virulent it sent him screaming down a trail of despair and destruction. He embraces that darkness and allows it become his Master.

 Turock "Chase Ricter" Gav'rin is the light to his brother Mestrock’s darkness. Quickly outshining his twin, he is the pride and joy of his family. Now, he has to break the family ties and hunt down his own flesh and blood.

 Not long after being assigned as the Commander of the UGS Constellation, Chase is given orders that will forever change his world, his life, and his very beliefs. How will he ever survive the emotional, mental, and physical strife of what is to become his greatest assignment?

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