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Lifestyle Coaching for Doctors

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Doctors can benefit from Coaching, not only for themselves but also as a way of enabling their patients to make decisions about treatment options. This book explains what Coaching is, and how it can encourage doctors improve their work-life balance. There are discussions about the benefits of telephone and internet Coaching and the skills you can learn from working with a Coach. You will also discover the secrets of successful Coaching if you want a positive outcome from Coaching sessions. Susan Kersley, the author, is a retired doctor who trained as a Life Coach and writes from the perspective of someone who has experienced for herself the stress and overwhelm of a medical life. She believes that doctors can have a more balanced life and that it is vital to strike a balance between Medicine and having time for self-care, as well as time with partner, family, friends and community in order to have a happy and successful life in or out of Medicine.

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