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Ghastly Hijinks: An Agnes Barton Paranormal Mystery, #5

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Life for Agnes has been spooktacular ever since a ghost named Caroline became attached to her. Caroline was killed in the 1930s and now she assists Agnes and her partner Eleanor on cases. (Well, Caroline assists when she doesn’t fade away.) Okay, so Caroline’s not really attached bodily to Agnes, but the spirit usually helps out with things like opening doors for the sleuths. At least that’s the case until Caroline goes into a Victorian mansion and never returns.

When Agnes and Eleanor finally go into the mansion themselves, they encounter a ghost—but this one isn’t Caroline. This ghost has a gun and he looks like a mobster! He’s holding Caroline hostage and refuses to release her—and he also restrains Agnes and Eleanor. Then he suddenly disappears, taking Caroline with him.

        As if that isn’t enough, Agnes and Eleanor find a corpse while checking out a house down the road. Why is there a mummified body in a dilapidated house? And why does the house get burned to the ground when they begin to ask questions?

        This might be a case for the record books as the ladies track down the truth, determined to discover not just the origins of the ghost, but also where the body came from—and who is to blame.

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