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Not to Be

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Young prince Hamlet despairs over the death of his father and the hasty marriage of his mother to his uncle. Then his father’s ghost appears and tells him he was murdered by his brother and Hamlet must avenge him. On the same day, his sweetheart Ophelia is commanded by her father to stop seeing him.

As he worries he keeps putting off the dreaded task, knowing whatever the result will include his own death and wonders if that is an outcome he desires anymore.

To add to the turmoils in his mind he is surrounded by treachery. Best friends from childhood come to spy on him, Ophelia is used as bait for spies, and his mother hides a spy in her room, whom he kills.

On a voyage to England he discovers a royal command for his execution and escapes. On his safe return to Denmark the king plots with Laertes, the avenging son of the dead spy, to murder Hamlet during what will appear to be a sporting duel.

It ends tragically for all involved.

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