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A New Kind of Zeal 2: The Price of Redemption

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Alex is the mastermind, but his father is the tyrant. Who will win?

Alex is caught in a nightmare. His mother is dead, his sister troubled, and his father Kensington’s angry fists are gaining strength. The killing of spiritual leader Joshua Davidson has left New Zealand in crisis. The Queen is ruling through the Governor General, but now Kensington’s eyes are turning to Parliament. With Alex’s brilliant mind, he can invade; with Alex’s vulnerable heart, he can conquer.

Kensington’s rage is murderous. He thrusts a gun in Alex’s hand, but Alex is torn. He remembers his mother. He remembers love.

Another way beckons Alex, but at the highest cost. Will he betray his father? Will he overcome him, before someone else dies?

The Price of Redemption is the second in the A New Kind of Zeal trilogy, a spiritual and psychological suspense novel for people of all walks of life. If you enjoy compelling characters, powerful drama, and stories with a New Zealand flair, then you’ll love Michelle Warren’s books of loyalty under fire.

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