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Jesus Christ: Who He Is, What He Did For You, Why You Should Care.‎

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It seems that most people reject Christianity out of hand. They laugh at it, they sneer at it, or they use the ‎names of God and Jesus as swear words and ignore them otherwise. But do you actually know what it is that ‎you’re rejecting? Do you really know who Jesus is and what he has to offer you?‎
You wouldn’t buy a car without making sure it would run reliably. You wouldn’t buy an appliance without ‎checking that it was a good, dependable brand. You wouldn’t take out a loan without finding out the interest ‎rate and making sure you could make the payments. So, does it make sense to reject Jesus without even ‎knowing who he is or what he did for you? The Bible tells us that what you decide to do about Jesus is the ‎greatest and most important decision you will ever make, one that will determine your fate not just in this life, ‎but for all eternity. And that’s a long, long time.‎
Sound like something you ought to know about? Take five minutes to read through this very simple and short ‎summary of who Jesus is and what he has to offer you, and at least make an informed choice. You owe that ‎much to yourself, don’t you?‎

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