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The Party (Learning Desire - Vol. 2): Learning Desire, #2

209 pages3 hours


Volume Two of the Learning Desire series!

David finds himself torn between spending time with the sweet young man who has become his first lover and the Professor who he finds himself hopelessly drawn to. After an afternoon with his new friend, their love progresses but he still decides to go to the Professor's house that night, in spite of his misgivings.

David is not at all prepared for the world he would find. What he witnesses there is exciting, completely different, and full of raw lust. David finds that the Professor has plans for him that scare him almost as much as they turn him on.

Which will David choose – the safe and secure, or the wild passions of the unknown…?


I could have put the typical synopsis here.

Boy meets boy.

They fall in love.

They live happily ever after.

The end.

But this is not that story.

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